Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Pictures

Kevin Parker was kind enough to take family pictures for us before he leaves for Germany later this week. We went out Father's day evening to Harry Meyer's park and were able to catch the best light of the day (I need all the help I can get). The problem with the best light of the day is that is either happens at around 6:30 am (good luck getting my family up at that hour), or it is around 8pm (which is generally after the kids bedtime). We opted for the 8pm start and so the kids were on the tired side, but Kevin managed to get some really good shots of all of us smiling, and sometimes we were all smiling at the same time. In addition to the picture now at the header of this blog, below is a picture that turned out really good. I'll be adding more as I get the post processing done.


  1. Patrick,
    I am so glad you started a blog. It is such a great way to keep in touch and share pics. You have a beautiful family.
    my blog is

  2. The blog is looking great. I love it. Awesome job editing the photos.