Monday, June 15, 2009

Kevin Parker made me do it

Since Kevin and his family are leaving town soon and it is his fault that I have made an investment in photography equipment he has talked me into blogging as a great way to show off the multitude of pictures that were taken with a great camera but currently just sit on my hard drive. One of the selling points Kevin made to me as a reason to have a nice camera is that a camera is a fun toy my wife will support since what wife doesn't want nice family pictures. I try to put the toy to good use so here are a couple picture that show my family in a field of blue bonnets on the side of the road here in Texas and also of my cute little girl, Jessie, who loves to pose any time she gets a chance.


  1. What can I say. You take sweet pics. I will be following with great anticipation.

  2. I currently get about one sweet pic for every hundred or more pics I take. You gotta love digital.